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Our perfumes of desire, ceramics, and literary as well as photographic declensions were conceived in strict secrecy in 2016 between Grasse, Limoges, Paris and New York. Made in France.

For any request for visuals, please write to the press office of Catherine Miran - slm@catherinemiran.com

To reach out to us : lovers@slm.paris

Olfactory credits: Nathalie Feisthauer and our 19th century officinal forms. Photo credits: Pascal Périch. Literary Credits: Frédérique Deghelt. Graphic design: Jessie Yao. Typefont: Manfred Klein. Art Direction: Olivia Bransbourg. Financial department: Frédéric Blanchard. We are also very grateful to Julia Ahtijainen, Andrew Clark, Virginie Courtin, Estelle Delesalle and Jean-Marc Ferrari, Annaliese Ellidge, Alexandra Fain, Chloé Harper Gold, Budes-Hilaire de la Roche, Catherine Poisson, Franz Vasseur, Marielle Vigourt & all those who crossed our paths.

With love,

A. & J.


60 Broad street, suite 3502
NY 10004 New York