Jaimal Odedra


For its residency at The Cube in New York, sous le manteau is proud to introduce its collaboration with Jaimal Odedra: five pearls with sensual contours, his artistic interpretation to the five active essences from slm.

Polished bronze, sand-caste, and hand-made, in edition of 10 signed by the artist, indiscrete pearls that cannot wait to be caressed and carried.

Jaimal Odedra x SLM full line-up white.jpg
Jaimal Odedra x SLM poudre imperiale 1.jpg
Jaimal Odedra x SLM fontaine Royale1.jpg
Jaimal Odedra x SLM essence du serail 1.jpg
Jaimal Odedra x SLM cuir d'orient 1.jpg
Jaimal Odedra x SLM vapeur diablotines 2.jpg

Jaimal Odedra is a multi-talented artist and designer. Coming from the prestigious Royal College of Art and a Fulbright Scholar, his collaborations have led him to travel through Europe, India, Africa and the United States. He has partnered with Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Givenchy and in the past years with Rick Owens.

Odedra-Hi Res.jpg